Improving the Pedagogic Competence of prospective Arabic Teachers: The Concept of Ideal Strategy and its Implementation

Yayan Nurbayan, Anwar Sanusi


This study aims to discuss the concept of an ideal strategy and its implementation in increasing pedagogical competence for prospective Arabic language teachers in tertiary institutions. Pedagogic competence is the skills, knowledge, and attitudes a teacher needs to manage and convey the learning process to students effectively. The participants in this study were 15 lecturers of the Arabic language education study program at one of the state universities in Bandung. Data was collected through interviews, observation, and documentation. The study results show that increasing the pedagogical competence of prospective Arabic teachers involves several main aspects, including an in-depth understanding of the Arabic language curriculum and teaching methods according to students' needs. In addition, skills in structured lesson planning, creative and interactive teaching implementation, and the ability to evaluate learning outcomes are the main focus in improving the pedagogical competence of prospective Arabic teachers. Increasing pedagogical competence can be implemented through various approaches, such as training and workshops adapted to Arabic. In addition, the use of technology in learning Arabic is also a relevant matter to pay attention to in improving pedagogical competence. Research recommends the importance of collaborating with Arabic-speaking institutions or communities so prospective teachers can directly experience the use of Arabic in real-life contexts and deepen their understanding of Arabic culture.

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