I'dad al-Madah al-Nahwiyah bi Tathbiqah Flipbook li Tarqiyah Kafaah Qawa'id al-Lughah al-'Arabiyah

Muhammad Hafidz, Muhammad Nur Rahmat, Ahmad Rosidi


Nahwu learning is the hardest thing for Arabic learners, due to the difficulty in this lesson. Moreover, there is no teaching material nahwu pakem in becoming a reference in every learning of this science. This research uses Research and Development approach that refers to 5 steps, namely ADDIE (Analition, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluating). This development research resulted in a product in the form of flipbook-based teaching material applications containing nahwu materials that can be used to improve the ability of arabic language rules of students. Through product feasibility test, flipbook-based teaching material application obtained high results or belonged to a very decent category with a value percentage of 84.6%. After a hypothesis test using the T-test formula, it was found that nahwu teaching materials with flipbooks are very effective in learning, as evidenced by thitung > ttabel with a contribution of 67.89%.

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