al-Idarah al-Tanzhimiyah fi Barnamaj "60 Hari Lancar Berbahasa Arab" li Tarqiyah Maharat al-Lughawiyah bi Dar al-Lughah Aceh

Nisa Urrahmah, Aramina Aramina, Zakiyah Arifa


Organizing is the second step in organizational management after planning. Careful planning will not work perfectly without someone running and moving it and clarifying the work and who will do it. A good organization produces a good organizational form, from the work system, structure, and resources to other aspects. This study discusses (1) Organizational Management in the 60-Day Fluent Arabic program at the Darul Lughah Course and (2) Increasing Arabic language skills through the Darul Lughah Course program. This study used qualitative research methods in the form of descriptive, and data collection was carried out by observation and interviews. The research data were analyzed starting from data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing. The results of this study report that there are two stages in the implementation of this course: 1) Organizational Management in the Arabic 60-Day Fluent Program at the Darul Lughah Course: (a) the vision of this institution is very much in line with the mission. (b) The grouping of students aims to make the teaching and learning process run smoothly, (c) The delegation of authority carried out by this course is structured according to its field, and the instructions are formal in writing and verbally. (d) The organizational structure of the Darul Lughah course contains a line organization structure. (2) The improvement of Arabic for students is marked by increasing confidence in using Arabic orally, speaking fluently, and increasingly being able to understand lessons and information. This research is limited to students' opinions about the course organization at Darul Lughah, which has a positive impact on improving students' Arabic language skills.

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