Taṭwīr wasīlah al Ta‘līm ‘alā asās al rusūm al mutaḥarrikah fī Ta‘līm al muḥādaṡah bi MTsN Aceh Besar

Muhammad Afrizal Adami, Salma Hayati, Safariah Safariah


The purpose of this research is to determine the developing the learning Media based on animation in teaching conversation in MTsN 3 Aceh Besar. The method used by researchers is the "research and development" method using the Bord and Gall theory explained by Sugiono. Data collection methods used by researchers are observation, interviews and validation questionnaires. Data analysis methods used by researchers are descriptive quantitative and qualitative. The results showed that the development of conversational animated video-based learning media for students of MTsN 3 Aceh Besar consisted of five steps, namely need and problem analysis, data collection, product design, design validation, and design improvement. learning media based on conversational animation videos for MTsN 3 Aceh Besar students were declared feasible to use with a percentage value of 70% media validator, 87% language validator, and 82% material validator.

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