Wasail Ta'allum al-Lughah al-'Arabiyah fi al-'Ashr al-Raqmi ma ba'da Jaihah Covid-19

Ainy Khairun Nisa


This research aims to explain the various types of Arabic language learning media in the digital era that were used when the Covid-19 pandemic began to hit Indonesia until now as well as the learning media that we want to use even though learning has been carried out offline so that it can be input for Arabic language teachers to develop their abilities. in explaining the material in class. This research uses a qualitative descriptive research method which is used to investigate, discover, describe and explain a phenomenon that occurs at the research site. The results of this research show that there are two learning media chosen by respondents, in this case students, so that they are still in use today, namely the WhatsApp and YouTube applications and there are also learning media that they want to use in game-based Arabic language learning activities, namely Kahoot and Quizzizz.

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