Tathbiq Wasilah al-Ta'lim Sparkol Videoscribe fi Dars al-Lughah al-'Arabiyah li Tarqiyah Nataij Ta'allum al-Thullab bi al-Madrasah al-'Aliyah

Roojil Fadillah, Dina Khoirunnisa, Annida Safhira Fatunnisa


This research aims to determine the influence of the application of sparkol videoscribe in improving the learning outcomes of students Muhammadiyah Bantul High School. This research uses a quantitative approach with this type of experimental research. In the experiment class using sparkol videoscribe media, while in the control class using power point video media. The results showed that sparkol videoscribe media was influential in improving the learning with an average score before treatment of 65.75 and an average score after treatment of 79.75. In the control class which does not apply sparkol videoscribe media with an average score of 58.33. The application of sparkol videoscribe media to student learning outcomes has a high category of influence. The results of the independent t-test showed a significance value of < 0.05, which is 0.004. That there is a significant influence on the use of sparkol videoscribe media in improving the learning outcomes of students.

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