Ta'lim al-Lughah al-'Arabiyah fi Maharat al-Kitabah min khilal Google Jambord

Nurul Hikmah, Erna Herawati


This article discusses the role of Jamboard in improving Arabic writing skills. Writing is essential to language learning, and students may need help to develop this skill effectively. In this context, using Jamboard as a digital and collaborative learning tool motivates and enhances Arabic language learning. Jamboard allows students to write and interact with content directly and collaboratively. Using the tools available on Jamboard, such as a digital pen, shapes, and photos, students can write and share their ideas and feedback visually and interactively. This digital approach allows students to improve their Arabic writing skills and enhance collaboration and interaction between them in relation to the language. In addition, using Jamboard provides immediate feedback for students, as instructors can provide direct guidance and explanations to students as they work on the Jamboard. This allows students to update their skills and correct mistakes in real-time, thus enhancing their writing progress. By using Jamboard in learning Arabic, active participation is promoted, creativity is stimulated, and students' writing abilities are developed. This leads to enhancing the overall learning experience and enhancing the optimal use of modern educational technology in the field of learning the Arabic language and developing writing skills

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