Tathbiq Ta'lim Maharat al-Kalam bi Istikhdam Mauqi' Madinah 'Arabiyah

Nurul Hikmah


This research is a study to discuss how to apply the learning of speaking skills in Arabic using the Arab City website. The site is used as an educational tool to improve the speaking skills of non-native Arabic-speaking students. Learning is carried out using Medina Arabic to develop speaking skills. The activities on the site include various exercises to improve pronunciation and vocabulary and strengthen students' ability to speak fluently and verbally interact. After training using the site, improvement in students' speaking skills can be assessed through self-assessment and speaking skills tests. The results of this study are that to teach speaking skills in Arabic using the Arabic City website by implementing several stages as follows 1) the lecturer directs the students to open the Arabic City website, 2) selects an educational video, 3) the learning watches a video, 4) repeats the conversation in the video, 5) practice speaking with the study partner after the video, 6) practice the video with the study partner without seeing the text, 9) make a video.

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