Kafaatu Nuthqi Al-Lughah Al-‘Arabiyah Muassasan ‘ala ‘Ilmi Al-Ashwath (Dirasah Haalah fil-Khithabah Al-Minbariyah Al-Fashl Al-Khamis At-Taktsifi bi Ma’had Riyadlul ‘Ulum Wadda’wah)

Nurohman Nurohman, Yulianti Yulianti, Titan Nurazizah


Speeches are an important means of establishing cohabitation, expression through the exchange and use of language, at the Riyadlul Ulum Waddawah Islamic boarding school, daily and weekly activities are carried out in Arabic, one of which is Muhadlarah with the participation of students. Speech is one way to practice Arabic, and to improve students' ability to speak Arabic correctly. This research will answer the problems that exist in this study, namely how the ability of students to speak Arabic based on the science of ashwat in speeches (muhadlarah) in this Islamic boarding school. The aim of this research is for students to be based on Arabic pronunciation skills based on ashwat knowledge in muhadlarah, intensive fifth grade students at the Islamic boarding school. This research is a type of qualitative research, using observation and interview methods in this research. Researchers used descriptive and analytical approaches to analyze the data in this study. One of the results of this study were (1) it was difficult for them to distinguish the letters and their characteristics (2) it was difficult for students to pronounce letters that had no equivalent in their mother tongue, (3) many students did not pay attention to accent, intonation and vowel intervals when pronouncing words while speaking, some don't even consider it as an element of vocal performance.

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