Mushkilat ta’allum al-imlã’ ladã tullãb as-shaffi al-awwal al-madrasa al-‘ãliyah al-islãmiya al-hukûmiya 5 Bireun

Tasya Fazila, Rizka Rivensky, Aina Salsabila


Dictation is an important aspect of learning to write. It is the first stage before students learn the Arabic composition. Without going through and mastering this stage, students will find difficulty to move on to the next stage. Learning to spell can help students write the Arabic texts correctly and reduce errors in writing the Arabic vocabulary and sentences. Although dictation is supposed to be taught to students at the beginner level of the Arabic language, it is still among the subjects studied by the students of MAN 5 Bireuen who had studied Arabic at the Islamic secondary level before joining the high school. Unfortunately, their level of spelling is still poor and has not reached the level to be achieved. From this standpoint, this research aims at students' problems while learning dictation. The researchers relied on interview, observation, and documentation to collect the data. Some students and teachers were interviewed about students' spelling problems. The results revealed that students face some problems in learning spelling, either because of a linguistic or non-linguistic factor. One of these problems is lack of mastery of linguistic sounds, especially the similar sounds, and the difficulty of distinguishing how to write connected and separated letters and their lack of interest in learning the Arabic language and their lack of focus on studying in the semester.

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