Daur al-Mu'allim fi Tathwir al-Manhaj al-Dirasi li al-Lughah al-'Arabiyah

Anita Lailatul Fahrun Nisa’, Nur Ahid


The development of science and technology has an impact on the development of human life. In addition, these developments have resulted in a change of perspective in implementing educational goals, especially in Indonesian national education. Curriculum development is the design of learning opportunities that aim to guide students toward the desired changes and assess the extent to which these changes have occurred in students. In preparation for the implementation and development of the curriculum, Arabic teachers must know their duties in transforming their knowledge of students. The teacher has an important role in educating and guiding students to understand the lessons. In addition, teachers also use an innovative and creative learning environment to maximize Arabic learning in school to achieve maximum scores. The teacher's duty as the creator of the curriculum for the class means the teacher translates, describes, and converts the values contained in the curriculum for students. In curriculum development the teacher's role includes four things, namely 1) Implementers, 2) Adapters, 3) Developers, and 4) Researchers.

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