Madrasah Teacher Creativity in Information Technology-Based Arabic Language Learning in North Sumatra

Sahkholid Nasution, Akmal Walad, Harun Al-Rasyid, Rahmaini Rahmaini, Fahrur Rozi S


With the advancement of Information Technology today, traditional learning method hinders the success of Arabic language learning because everything is technology-based, and even the daily lives of students are always involved with Information Technology. This study aims to analyze the creativity of teachers in teaching Arabic lessons at the Madrasah Ibtidaiyah, Tsanawiyah, and Aliyah levels in North Sumatra, especially learning Arabic Maharat (Istima’, Kalam, Qira'ah, and Kitabah). The approach of this research is qualitative with descriptive method - analysis. Data collection methods were carried out using in-depth interviews with Arabic language teachers from Madrasah Ibtidaiyah, Tsanawiyah, and Aliyah levels in North Sumatra. The researcher became the key instrument and was assisted by interview guidelines. The results showed that Arabic teachers have innovated a lot in learning Arabic Maharah, namely using several internet-based applications such as YouTube, movies, and animations, and using several technology-based media, such as projectors and computers. This research implies that it gives reinforcement to Arabic teachers in madrasahs to more intensively use Information Technology to attract and increase students' motivation to learn Arabic.

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