al-Tahadiyat fi Abhats al-Adab al-Raqmi al-'Arabi

Uswatun Hasanah


Research in digital Arabic literature, as a new literary genre in the world of Arabic literature, faces many challenges.  This paper attempts to "uncover" challenges in research in digital Arabic literature as a material subject  for research by researchers and the theories and methods that can be used. Digital literature has three important characteristics: hyperactive, interactive, multimedia, which of course have different perspectives in their research. Therefore, in terms of researchers in digital literature, they have to adapt to technological advances and accessibility that will continue to evolve, move and change,  in addition to deepening mastery related to the characteristics and elements of digital literature, and mastering and developing theories and approaches that can be benefited from.  All these facts lead to many challenges in the selection and use of the researched aspects, theory, and method used.

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