Qamus al-Munawwir wa Qamus al-Raqmi (Tashawur Thullab al-Lughah al-'Arabiyah wa Adabuha bi Jami'ah Ahmad Dahlan)

Ahmad Zaki Annafiri, Fitria Sari Yunianti, Abdul Mukhlis


The use of a dictionary has become an important thing in the academic world, especially for students. Limited vocabulary knowledge becomes an obstacle in the learning process in various fields. This study aims to determine the perceptions of students in the Arabic Language and Literature Department at Ahmad Dahlan University in using the Al-Munawwir dictionary and the digital dictionary. This study uses qualitative methods with primary data sources from interviews with students of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at Ahmad Dahlan University, as well as secondary sources in the form of magazines, books, and other reliable sources. The results of this study are: 1) Al-Munawwar Dictionary is the main reference dictionary for learning the Arabic language that is widely used in various educational units, 2) The emergence of online dictionaries changes the direction of the process of learning the Arabic language, and 3) Both Al-Munawwar Dictionary and digital dictionary have advantages and disadvantages, both in terms of correctness of meaning, ease of access, ease of finding words, efficiency and effectiveness in use, to the translation process that can translate words, paragraphs and sentences.

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