Analisis Penggunaan Tulisan Arab Pada Bangunan Hotel Ajyad Makarim Makkah Saudi Arabia

Nurul Huda, Muhammad Nuruzzaman Syam


Someone who writes Arabic script without following the existing standard writing conventions is often seen as having no identity, considered worthless, not even having artistic value. The purpose of this study is to describe (1) the purpose of Arabic writing, (2) to find out whether non-standard Arabic writing contributes to the mental economic aspect (3) to find out whether non-standard Arabic writing is able to provide artistic mentality and (4) to find out whether Arabic writing non-standard can be the identity of the author either individual or institution. This research is qualitative research using descriptive analytic method. Data collection uses the method of observation, documentation, and literature study. The data obtained will be analyzed using the deductive method. The results of the study show that non-standard Arabic writing can have artistic, economic value and become the identity of a person or institution when it contains the following elements: (1) art; (2) science; (3) philosophy; (4) spiritual. In addition, it also requires intelligence in the proportion between writing, arrangement, and consistency so that this can be achieved.

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